The WaveMaker

The WaveMaker is a new Human Software Engineering technology device that picks up and processes the ultra-fine electromagnetic oscillations of everything in the body. It can either invert them to cancel out unwanted resonance's or amplify them to strengthen and optimize desirable resonance's.

It can invert the energy/information patterns of conditioning, habits, traumas, negative emotional states, stress, etc. It can also be used to cancel out the energy patterns of toxins, pathogens, drug residues, addictive substances, allergy reactivity, etc. This mode is called “Debug.” It can amplify and optimize the energy of the naturally occurring resonance's of positive emotional states and capacities that need optimizing.

In addition, it can be used to strengthen and balance the energy patterns of the organs, systems, glands, cells, and molecules. This mode is called “Upgrade.”

The WaveMaker has been designed specifically for use by coaches, energy psychologists, and therapists, and it is also an excellent tool for the lay person as well as professionals.



Technical Information

Band pass filter range

O Hz (DC) to 500,000 Hz


0 .1 to 100 times source information

Processing modes (phase relationship)

Debug (inverse) Upgrade (non-inverse)

Operating time of charged batteries

6 to 9 hours


3.4 lbs.

Dimensions (w,d,h)

6-1/2"/11-1/8"/ 4-1/2"


What if you could “debug” yourself,
replacing negative energy and thought patterns
with positive ones anytime, anywhere?


Rapid, On-the-Go ‘Debugging’ Is Now Possible
As The WaveMaker Shrinks to Smaller, More
Convenient Size and Retains 100% Effectiveness

The WaveMaker gets personal…

The WavePod!

coming soon....



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